Managing Director

Gena Hamilton is the founder and managing director of Exact Media Services.  She is an innovative thinker, entrepreneur and seasoned sales executive with 27-years of professional experience in media.  She’s led the digital transformation and strategy at public/private newspaper and broadcast-tv companies, with a focus on digital-first thinking, audience and revenue growth with innovative digital and social media tactics.  


Scott Dunn

Creative Director

Scott Dunn spent the last 30 years working at advertising and marketing agencies focused on global and national brands.  He was responsible for developing brand identity, brand voice, and attribution across multi-media platforms from CGP, Direct to Consumer products, merchandise, digital, website development, and much more.  

Scott brings inspiration and innovation to every client project, amplifying clients core values, purpose of brand and memorable messages to increase brand awareness, conversion, and sales. 

Scott uses a digital avatar to convey creativity and forward-thinking solutions as brands enter the virtual world to reach their audiences.  

Scott Dunn, Creative Director, represented as an Avatar to show forward-thinking creativity as we enter a world of augmented reality.