In today’s digital age, the average consumer is continually moving between the digital and physical marketplace. Lines between traditional business and marketing are blurred, and boundaries are often pushed. Now, it’s not enough to have an established brand identity and presence in a one-size-fits-all approach; to truly connect with consumers on all fronts, companies need to move into the future with omnichannel marketing, particularly as it becomes more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

The word “omnichannel” is rooted in “omni,” a Latin word that means “in all places.” Omnichannel marketing is a multi-channel sales approach used to offer consumers a complete integrated shopping experience, no matter where or how they are shopping. The rapid acceleration of modern technology, particularly the massive growth of smartphone use, has pushed omnichannel marketing to the forefront.

The basic principle behind omnichannel marketing is that a consumer should be able to interact with a company or brand seamlessly on all platforms. As a company’s marketing strategy intentionally connects with consumers through a variety of integrated touchpoints, it should continue as a customer switches from their computer, to smartphone, and tablet. The goal is to connect each buyer with the brand and shop (both physical and digital), in many different ways. Omnichannel, on the digital front, is the best way for businesses to accomplish this seamless integration.

For example, a company’s omnichannel approach might include their physical, brick-and-mortar store, physical and virtual catalogs, social media, smartphone apps, and websites. Additionally, it would be necessary to plan for consumer interactions on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops, adapting content as necessary to meet high consumer expectations and demands.

Multi-channel vs. Omnichannel

Omnichannel and multi-channel appear to be extremely similar, and the defining lines are certainly blurred. However, there are a few distinct differences that divide the two.

  • Multi-channel marketing is defined as the ability to interact with consumers on a wide variety of platforms, such as a promotional event, website, retail location, or word-of-mouth. Consumers have many choices for channels to engage with the brand, but the channels exist as disconnected, independent entities.
  • Omnichannel marketing connects all of these channels into a single seamless experience, allowing the consumer to shift between channels (and experience multiple channels at the same time) without missing a beat. For example, one omnichannel marketing tactic may be to send customers an SMS text message advertising a sale as they enter a company’s physical store.

How Does Omnichannel Marketing Benefit Advertisers, Marketers, and Agencies?

Consumers already expect to be able to engage with a company in an omnichannel manner – the question is whether or not a company is measuring up to the task. Taking advantage of the omnichannel approach to marketing is not just beneficial, it’s vital for today’s tech-centered age. Here are a few of the many ways omnichannel marketing can pay off:

  • Increased customer loyalty and engagement: By providing a more personalized shopping experience, a company is more likely to make lasting connections with customers.
  • Outperforming the competition: Today’s consumers are accustomed to engaging on an omnichannel level, and a company can be sure to stay ahead of the competition by giving their target audience what they want and expect.

Exact Media Services: Your Omnichannel Partner

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Article written by: Gena Hamilton, Founder and Managing Director, Exact Media Services
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