Social Media Strategy - Case Study

Platform:  Facebook

Industry:  Local TV-Station

Objective:  Leverage Facebook platform to drive viewership for morning and evening news and gain insights on local audience interest and expectations


  • Increased daily Facebook posts with an emphasis on morning and evening newscast
  • Created hyper-local weather forecasts
  • Conducted 7 Facebook Lives on Tuesday night during election coverage
  • Experiment with Facebook ads to gain insights on user preferences and content relevancy
  • Combined organic and paid advertising with a focus on delivering relevant local news
  • Lead with Facebook Live for breaking news and severe weather
  • Leverage Facebook advertising platform to tv-station promotions
  • Measure every piece of content to determine what’s working and what’s not, and pivot on weekly content strategy
  • Created a metric system to classified great, good and bad Facebook posts based on audience reach and engagement



  • Increased Facebook Likes by 28% over an 8-week period
  • Extended reach of news coverage
    • Deputy saved my life: 772.6K reach
    • Spring Forward meme: 428.9K reach
    • New Willy Wonka Restaurant: 258K reach
  • Gained market insights on local audience interest and expectations of their local tv-station.
  • Learned that content is king with a mix of content types from video, static and memes
  • Local audience engagement increased with authentic and immersive news coverage that was relevant to them
  • Increased fan-base and engagement
  • Gained market insights on what local audiences were not interested in like promotional posts, politics or gun control issues
  • Facebook Live of major breaking news events and severe weather dominated the local market
  • Pivoted on content strategy for Facebook that shaped the organization’s social media strategy and best practices for 23 local tv-stations